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Writing An Affirmation: Where to Begin and How to Narrow Them Down for the Best Results

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I’ll admit, like most people I have spent much time and energy on some very lofty affirmations. And while there is nothing wrong with that, I found being a tad bit more realistic when writing an affirmation sometimes makes more sense. 


I have created, updated, and mastered the art of vision boards. From million-dollar mansions to flaming red sports cars, it’s all been on my board. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. But once I started to dial it back I found my boards and affirmations to make much more sense. And also become achievable. 


What Does Writing an Affirmation Mean?

An affirmation is a positive statement that one uses to manifest goals and desires. People use affirmations to adjust their life’s path. You can manifest what you desire through belief and attraction. 


I write my affirmations every morning, afternoon, and evening. And sometimes I take the time to read them aloud throughout the day. I feel them within me, I imagine my affirmations as reality, and believe deep within that they are meant to be.  


I suspect most people have affirmations around money, relationships, careers, houses, and other material things. And that’s exactly how I had originally started with mine. However, over time I have adjusted my thought process in creating my affirmations. 


Where to Begin With Creating Your Affirmations

There is certainly a place for large and lofty affirmations. Desires can be grand, and they should be. But it’s one thing to write them down and another to achieve them. 


Recently, I adjusted my affirmations to achievable goals and tasks. I started with the ultimate goal – that really big ‘pie in the sky’ desire – and then backtracked each smaller goal I would need to accomplish to attain that really big one. 


I started creating my daily affirmations to reflect those achievable goals. For example, one of my lofty affirmations is, ‘I am a published author and am on the NYT Best Seller List’. I can’t tell you how many times I have written that affirmation. But the reality is it won’t come to be if I don’t spend time writing. 


Even though I focused on that one affirmation daily, I wasn’t writing daily. Sometimes I wouldn’t write for weeks at a time. That, however, didn’t stop me from writing the affirmation. 


Instead, I switched that affirmation to, ‘I am a writer and have created my outline for my best-selling novel’. And once that became reality, I adjusted my affirmation to, ‘I am a writer and have completed the first three chapters of the first draft of my best-selling novel’. 


Now, for some this may not seem like the point of affirmations. I get that, I do. And that is why I’ll admit that I still maintain my affirmations for my crazy big desires. I continue to write and say that I am a NYT best-selling author. I still want the universe to know my ultimate goals. 

Writing an Affirmation

Focus Your Thoughts to Support Your Affirmations

As I have refined my affirmations over time, I’ve realized that I need to focus my thoughts on my goals. Admittedly, I am a daydreamer. And my daydreams can tend to spiral way out of control from what I want for myself and my life. 


The issue with that is I’m always focusing my thoughts on something that I don’t want. I conjure scenarios that aren’t necessarily my ultimate dreams. They aren’t the lake house that I genuinely want to own one day. 


When I find myself daydreaming of things outside of my goals I always try to redirect to what I want to achieve in my life. I change my visions to my writing desk, the cover of my best-selling novel, or the lawn chairs that my husband and I will drink a glass of wine from as the sun sets over the lake. 


I am much more conscious of my thoughts to be in alignment with the reality I am working towards. 


So when your mind wanders, take a moment to redirect it to focus on your goals. Because your thoughts become your reality. That is the purpose of affirmations. You think and believe your desires into being. 

Recognizing When the Universe Has Delivered

Up until 2021, I was in a job where I worked nights, weekends, overnight shifts, long shifts, and early shifts. You name it, I worked that shift. My schedule was all over the place. And while I wrote my own schedule. I still had parameters I needed to maintain within the schedule I wrote. 


My affirmations at the time had to do with leaving that job by making enough income from my writing which allowed me to create my schedule. I wrote some version of that affirmation multiple times a day. 


After months of writing that affirmation I decided to take a part-time job, not in writing, but a job that would allow me more time to focus on writing. In my new job, I create my schedule. My hours are reduced, I have weekends off for the first time in over a decade, and I decide when I work throughout the day. 


A huge part of my affirmation came to be and I didn’t even notice it! At least not until I was cleaning out a bookshelf and came across an old affirmation journal. I was skimming through it and realized page after page I kept putting out into the universe that I create my schedule. 


At the point of that realization I had been in my new part-time job for months and not once did I notice that what I had wanted so badly had actually manifested. I was in awe. 


That was the moment I realized that I needed to focus on each piece of an affirmation to attain my ultimate goal. Now I look at my affirmations as a journey – focusing on one leg of the trip at a time.


Get Started With Writing an Affirmation – Make It Part of Your Routine

I have found that focusing on one affirmation at a time has produced the best results for me. When I have an affirmation that encompasses multiple desires rolled into one I think it is too much to focus on and ultimately only a portion of it comes to fruition. 


Sometimes I choose one affirmation to focus on for weeks or months at a time. Throughout the day my thoughts bring in a much broader view of my desires. But my affirmation is precise and straightforward. 


I like to focus on writing my affirmations in my morning routine. I start my day by putting time into my desires and continue to think of them and my ultimate goals throughout the day. Check out my morning routine post here.


And then, as they come to be, continue to build your affirmations in the direction of your ultimate desires. 


So, are you writing an affirmation today? Today, mine will be about writing – and thinking of those lawn chairs!


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Hey there! I’m Christina, a woman trying to live her best life with purpose and intention. I love hanging out with my family, eating food with natural ingredients, spending time in nature, and snuggling in soft, cozy blankets. 

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Hi, I'm Christina!

Hey there! I’m Christina, a woman trying to live her best life with purpose and intention. I love hanging out with my family, eating food with natural ingredients, spending time in nature, and snuggling in soft, cozy blankets. 

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