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Living with Intention in 2024: Embracing Mindfulness, Creativity, and Connection

Intentional Living

As we step into the promising embrace of 2024, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past, set new intentions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. This year, my focus is on living with intention, cultivating mindfulness, and being true to myself. 


Join me as I share my aspirations for 2024, a year dedicated to homemade staples, reducing toxins, embracing the outdoors, nurturing creativity, and surrounding myself with genuine connections.


Homemade Staples and Mindful Living

One of my primary goals for this year is to shift my focus towards homemade staples. The rhythm of life often tempts us to choose convenience over consciousness, but 2024 is the year I reclaim that choice. 


Instead of mindlessly grabbing groceries off the shelf, I want to engage in the mindful art of creating my own staples. From bread and pasta to sauces and condiments, each homemade creation will be a step towards a more intentional and connected way of living.


I already have a sourdough starter and make bread each week for my family. In 2024, I want to add pizza dough, crackers, and sourdough discard recipes to my weekly routines.


I also plan on adding in some staples like homemade apple cider vinegar, quick jellies from seasonal fruits, and maybe even take it a bit further by milling my own flour.


The full process of creating these staples to enjoying them with my friends and family will all contribute to living with intention in 2024.


intentional living
Homemade pasta on the 2024 to do list!


Reducing Toxins, One DIY Cleaning Product at a Time

Our homes should be sanctuaries of health and well-being, and that begins with the products we use. This year, I’m on a mission to reduce the toxins in my home by crafting my own cleaning products. With simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils, I’m taking control of what I introduce into my living space. 


It’s a small change with big implications for my health and the environment, a testament to the power of conscious choices in everyday life.


While I realize this is a huge commitment and may not be easily done, I have researched a local studio that offers all-natural, bulk cleaning products. This alternative may be useful if I find I’ve overcommitted myself here. 


In addition to making adjustments with my cleaning products, I plan on looking into plants that are beneficial in the home. Certain plants have higher production of oxygen, some process molds out of the air, and I’m sure there are many other benefits I haven’t even started to understand just yet. 


intentional living
Buying all natural products in bulk!


Getting Outside and Seeking Adventures for Living with Intention

Nature has an unparalleled ability to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. In 2024, I’m committing to spending more time outdoors, whether it’s a leisurely stroll through the park or a challenging hike in the mountains. 


I want to feel the earth beneath my feet, breathe in the fresh air, and witness the wonders of the natural world. This year is about seeking adventures, big or small, and relishing in the beauty that surrounds us.


When we first moved to where we live, my husband and I used to say that we live where other people vacation. And it’s so true. But of course, day-to-day life took hold and we didn’t take advantage of all our area has to offer. Instead, on the weekends we get lost in house projects, cleaning, and preparing for the work week ahead. We’re definitely changing that this year and making time for more moments outside.


I find that living with intention in nature is one of the most profound ways to be in the moment. My favorite is finding somewhere quiet and peaceful, focusing on my breathing, and being aware of the present moment. The act of just being can be so rewarding.


Igniting Creativity in Everyday Life

Creativity is a powerful force that resides within us all. In 2024, I’m nurturing my creative spirit by dedicating time to artistic endeavors, whether it’s painting, writing, or experimenting in the kitchen. 


By infusing creativity into my daily routine, I aim to cultivate a sense of joy and fulfillment that transcends the mundane. It’s about celebrating the beauty of self-expression and embracing the unique gifts we each bring to the world.


I already spend time each day either knitting or crocheting. That was something that I started to do years ago when I began my morning routine. This year I’m adding to that and committing more time to additional creative outlets.


Building Genuine Connections

Life is too short to spend time with those who don’t appreciate your true essence. In 2024, I’m focusing on building and nurturing relationships with people who genuinely value my presence. 


Quality over quantity is the mantra, as I seek connections that inspire growth, understanding, and authenticity. Surrounding myself with a supportive community will undoubtedly contribute to a more meaningful and fulfilling year.


I’ve already joined a local knitting club this year and started to take an active part in it. Totally outside of my comfort zone, but I’m actively searching for my people!


Living with Intention Goals

As I embark on this journey of intentional living, mindfulness, and self-discovery in 2024, I invite you to join me. Let’s make this year a testament to the power of conscious choices, the beauty of homemade creations, the importance of embracing nature, the joy of creativity, and the richness of genuine connections. 


Together, let’s live with intention and make 2024 a year of purpose, fulfillment, and true authenticity.


What are your goals for living with intention in 2024? Share below in the comments!


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Hey there! I’m Christina, a woman trying to live her best life with purpose and intention. I love hanging out with my family, eating food with natural ingredients, spending time in nature, and snuggling in soft, cozy blankets. 

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Hi, I'm Christina!

Hey there! I’m Christina, a woman trying to live her best life with purpose and intention. I love hanging out with my family, eating food with natural ingredients, spending time in nature, and snuggling in soft, cozy blankets. 

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