5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Life


Self-Care is the focus of your own health and happiness. And of course, this looks different for everyone. However, there are overarching themes that can apply to all of us.    I have spent quite a bit of time reading self-help books, writing in journals, focusing on my overall wellness, and practicing living with intention. […]

Mindset Versus Mindfulness: Understanding Both as You Focus on Inner Happiness

Mindset vs. Mindfulness

When I first started looking inward and focusing on my mindset and mindfulness I often confused the two. Over time, I realized that there was a difference between mindset versus mindfulness.  I would interchange the two for the same meaning and found myself being a bit clumsy as I ventured into what, at the time, […]

How a Hobby Can Help Reset Your Mindset

reset your mindset with hobbies

Think of your favorite hobby, even if it’s something you haven’t done in a long time, and take a moment to consider how it makes you feel. Now, think back to when you last spent time partaking in your hobby and what your mindset was like. Most likely, it was quite positive and happy. Hobbies […]

Self-Care: Make Time for Yourself and Ignore the Guilt


Making time for yourself is not always the easiest thing to do. At times it can seem as though days go by with not a spare moment for you to simply breathe. I think we’ve all been there at one point or another. And oftentimes what we need is simple: self-care.    Self-care is one […]

How to Create Your Perfect Morning Routine

How to Create Your Morning Routine

Are you the type of person who rolls out of bed, splashes some water on your face, and rushes out the door to work? Maybe these days you’re just putting a fresh top on and working from home in your PJ bottoms all day. If you are, my guess is your day probably drags a […]